Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I'm Jumping!!!!

I could just jump for joy or make the biggest splash ever!!!Made a very awesome purchase yesterday, I bought a kiln.
one with a lot of versatility, so I can start creating fused glass or do silver metal clay. and it also has a bead door, so I can make glass beads as well. oh the possibilities!!!!


Alice said...

I SO can't wait to come see it. I work all this week then am off 4-9th maybe we can get together again. I have made some more chevron circles loving it. I read over the pattern again and they are double layer but I did not do that this time around. Went to findings got some cool seed beads..........Alice

Jennifer Pride said...

Very nice! Congrats! :D

4His Glory Creations by CJ said...

Jennifer, thanks and girl watch your mail box, cause you have something coming your way!