Friday, November 11, 2011

Norma Turvey Teal Color Crave
Jeannie Dukic Green Mineral Tones
Mary McGraw Teal Embellished Hues
Jo Tinley Red Decadent Tones
Rebecca Anderson Pink Tulip Tones
Kristi Jaro Red Temple Entrance
Stephani Gorman Green Dew Tones
Melissa Meman Green Fruit Star
Kathleen Lange Klik Teal Silk Hues
Cynthia Riggs Red Autumn Comfort
Heidi Post Teal Flora Bright
Cece Cormier Teal Merino Teal
Amy Freeland Gray Cultured Tones
Alice Peterson Blue Island Play
Rose Noble Gray Autumn Stacked
Kristina Johansson Yellow Sunny Flower
Kirsi Luostarinen Teal Dragon Hues
Tari Kahrs Orange Citrus Tones
Mallory Hoffman Purple Petaled Dark
Molly Alexander Brown Peppered Tones
Regina Santerre Red Frosted Berry
Emanda Johnson Teal Color Purl
Amy Severino Orange Winged Tones
Bobbie Rafferty Teal Lime Hues
Tanya Goodwin Gray Pecked Tones
Lisa Lodge Blue Nocturnal Tones
Hope Smitherman Blue Bloom Tones
Linda Landig Green Cacti Dark
Ambra Gostoli Teal Perched Autumn
Lori Bowring-Michaud Blue Sharpened Blue
Pippa Chandler Teal Hungarian Hues
Keirsten Giles Purple Mineral Brights
Jennifer Justman Blue Autumn Rays
Sandy Richardson Purple Moroccan Brights
CJ Bauschka Teal Teal Air
Shaiha Williams Teal Sushi Hues
Kay Thomerson Purple Autumn Spectrum
Sally Russick Purple Golden Gate Tones
Cilla Watkins Purple Autumn Infused
Shirley Moore Purple Frozen Heather
Jenni Connolly Gray Paw Tones
Tamara Soper Green Field Tones
Sharyl McMillian-Nelson Blue Nested Blues
Jen Velasquez Pink Sweetened Tints
Maria Grimes Red Bright Bloom
Elisabeth Auld Gray Petaled Tints
Susan Kennedy Pink Zinnia Tones
Shannon Chomanczuk Gray Autumn Leaf
Holly Westfall Yellow Sprinkled Tones
Patty Gasparino Red Color Carton
Angela Little Pink Singapore Brights

Looking forward to seeing what marvels you are inspired to create from this palette!

Enjoy the day! Erin

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