Thursday, December 8, 2011

New Goals for 2012

I have been so blessed over the past five years, to have an amazing group of students. They come every week without fail and we experiment with lots of different techniques, use all kinds of mediums. And just have a good ole' time.
Coming in 2012, I feel I want to offer more. And we are talking about putting a Beading Guild together.
Is there anyone of you out there in the Beading community that can give me some thoughts about this? I have so much on my mind, and so much I want to offer. I'm ready for my students to take everything they've learned from me and expand it, so they can also be instructors, they can get involved in show casing their work and get into the show venue if that's the direction they wish to go. We also want to see new faces, bring in people that have been buying beads for years and still haven't put them to use. We want to be a positive influence in our community, taking a portion of our proceeds to give to the local non-profits.
Would love to hear from my Bead Friends, your comments and or suggestions. Thanks, CJ

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