Wednesday, June 27, 2012

SadieThis is our family doggie, she is a wonderful girl.  Our son Dallas brought her home one day and told us the neighbor found her on M-52 and she needed a home.  So he decided we were keeping her.  

So she became a part of our family.  She thinks she's human and has to be a part of everything.  She loves the water as you can see. 
 She is spoiled rotten by my husband Kevin.  He loves her a lot!


coolmoon said...

Another thing we seem to have in common - I also have a black lab! His name is Zeus. He's actually 10years old, but because he gets so much exercise, he looks about 4. He and my hubby are best buds.
I'm finding it amazing that so many of the beaders that I've recently friended seem to have so many other parts of their lives similar to mine. No coincidence, I think.
Sheryl Stephens
Cool Moon Creations

4His Glory Creations by CJ said...

I know Sheryl it's so funny how that works. Haven't found to many of my bead friends that have eight children though, and that's alright. Not everyone is as crazy as I am! lol

LissC said...

i have a 15 year old black lab, his brother passed two years ago, and I send gratitude to the universe every day that he is still with us. Some days he acts like he is 92, but most days he thinks he is still a puppy!. I love love labs, they are so sweet and loyal. Sadie looks like a sweetheart.