Saturday, July 7, 2012

Okay Ladies and Gents, All beady, wired, steam punked, jewelry artists etc etc...

If you are anything like me, you tend to get so involved with creating new designs, or trying new stitches, new techniques, so on and so on...  that you end up sitting at your workspace for hours and hours.  Which isn't always a bad thing if, you are willing to get up and stretch!!!  Stretch your shoulders, your neck, your back, your legs, your arms, you get the idea.  

Take care of yourself!!!

Life is a wonderful treasure of dreams and desires.  We hope for good things, and want blessings.  It's very hard work that goes into being successful.  You have to balance everything.  Your spiritual life, your husband, your children, your household, and for some of us who have hit the menopausal years, Wow!  Juggling all our different directions is exhausting.  Some of us have children that keep returning home again and again.  And you just want to scream, because it's time to grow up.  Yes I wanted you to be my baby forever, but it's not suppose to work out that way.  So time to learn your own lessons, and follow your own paths.  You are welcome to come home for a visit, but go home!!!  To your house and figure it all out!!!  I had to. 

 I know I'm crazy and have different issues that no one really understands.  But why should anyone really understand??? We have forgotten how to be friends, how to allow relationships and bonding happen, because of past hurts.  And life is so lonely, but know one really knows it .  When in public you have on the happy face, the I'm okay face.  The answer to everything is I'm fine, just fine face.  

So just so you know, I'm talking totally about myself.  

If you feel this way too.  I'm here to say I understand.  I get ya!  I'm also here to tell you life is to short to live it lonely, friendless, sad, complaining, tired all the time, no energy, etc etc... 

Get up, decide to feel alive, dance if that makes you happy!  I dance in the morning and just before bedtime.  My body is starting to feel different and is beginning to take on a different shape.  I feel more energy.  yet, I do know my limits.  I stretch a lot, and make sure I'm eating better foods for my body.   

All this is really to say, please let's remember to care for ourselves!!!

Life is only stressful if you allow it to be!

So which road do you choose?

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