Sunday, July 8, 2012

Things are at a stand still
I know there are lot's of beady bloggers out there, at least 400
and it's not impossible to  reach my goal of 250
I have 84 follows presently
and I'm excited to have a new group of beady friends.  I love checking out what everyone is doing, weather you blog about your family or your travels, or what I love the most your bead adventures!  I might not always write a comment, or blog everyday.  I do love the fact that there are so many bead swaps and hops and color challenges.  Finding artists with just the perfect style or creators of fantastic beads.  I love that this is a place we can come if we wish, to share and to care for each other.  I hope those who have recently joined my blog will share the giveaway with your friends, your blog buddies on FB and twitter, and wherever you can share it.  Just think if I take a few beads out of every container I have, the bead stash giveaway will definitely   be very sweet to two winners. Lot's of goodies!!!

And guess what!?  This is my totally unorganized mess, the work table.  
Thank-you all for joining my blog
If within a few days if I don't reach my goal.  
I will have the drawing on July 18th
Good Luck, wish everyone could win, CJ


Charlie said...

I am following you via google. I look forward to learning more about your work and I hope you reach you goal :)

Ilenia said...

I'm already one of your followers, I like read your nice blog and see your creations!
Love also your totally unorganized messwork table (it's like mine!!!!!)
I hope you reach you goal :)

If you have time, please, visit my blog:

pepita said...

oh, I'm your 88th follower and 8 was my lucky number (my number when I was a volleyball player), so I'm sure you'll reach your goal soon.
I'll share it also on my FB account. If you would like to follow my blog it's:

Sherri Stokey said...

I'm a follower! :)

Jen Ren said...

I wish I could leave my table like that somedays, but my cat would have a field day! You have a great blog. I just started a blog a couple of days ago and would love any feedback I can get (and followers). It's I look forward to more posts and more pictures of your amazing work. :)

Lucid Moon Studio said...

I am a new follower!